The goal of this project is to create a wireless charger that is retrofitted to residential boat lifts so that the boat is never forgotten to be charged with minimal interaction between the user and the charger other than lifting the boat out of the water once parked in the lift. The idea itself is simple, when the boat is lifted out of the water, electricity starts to flow through the charger and to the electric boats battery. The charger will be composed of the charger that is attached to boat lift itself and the receivers that will be attached to the inside of the boats hull to receive the power from the lifts charger.
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Berdinus Bras
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Name Major Hometown
Amatheon Bohan ME Swansea, Wales
Andrew Hutchinson ME Reading, MA
Connor Henderson ME Sugar Hill, GA
Dan Cohen ME Potomac, MD
Jack Darrow EE Frisco, Texas
Thomas Kim ME Overland Park, Kansas