The challenge is to design an automated method take a predetermined size of material from the electrostatic sampler and reduce it to a small size, required to fit into the new radiation detector. The sample handling system must compact the electrostatic collection substrate into a size and shape for radiation detection, without losing radioactive material from the sample, spreading radioactive material from one sample to another (sample cross-talk), using large amounts of space or materials, or introducing unreliability – the RASA must run for long periods without human operators.
Department Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Advisor Jianxin Jiao
Primary Email Contact
Table # 01-I


Name Major Hometown
Bryce Goodsite ME Roswell, GA
Gaorong Wang ME Cumming
George Niu ME San Diego
Gregory Kurfess ME Clemson
Jonathan Paul ME Marietta, GA
Suk Joon Na ME Duluth, GA