Online shopping has increased significantly over the past five years. Furthermore, the pandemic provided an additional incentive for people to turn to home delivery. With this significant increase in online shopping and delivery came a significant increase in the potential for porch piracy. Despite the growing prevalence of package theft, law enforcement has not taken an active role in preventing such common crime. For this reason, the onus falls to the customer/receiver of the package. Current solutions to this issue exist on the market, but are either extremely large and intrusive, very expensive, or have ineffective designs. Therefore, an effective solution designed to prevent package theft was necessary. The team developed an intuitive, visually pleasing, and effective solution to the growing package theft problem.
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor Independent Project
Advisor Dr Todd Sulchek
Primary Email Contact
Table # 09-D


Name Major Hometown
Angela Mangione ME Westchester, NY
Bernardo Neuman Guerra ME Weston, FL
Daniel De Matheu CmpE San Jose, Costa Rica
Grayson Delashmit ME Marietta, GA
Griffin Blyler ME Lorton, VA
Noah Joyce CmpE Virginia Beach