Jute is a cash crop grown extensively throughout Bangladesh. Its fibers are used to produce fabrics while its core is used to manufacture particle board. The traditional jute fiber extraction process is becoming increasingly difficult to preform due to shortage of labor and clean water resources. Therefore, our goal is to create a modern jute fiber extraction machine that can operate automatically and will be able to produce high quality jute fiber and un-broken jute stems while minimizing the use of retting, being capable of manufacture, service, and maintenance in Bangladesh, requiring minimum power to function, and being safe and affordable to consumers.
Department Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor USAID
Advisor Dr. Jonathan Colton
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Duco van der Beek ME Cumming, GA
James Smalley ME Orlando, FL
Muhammad Khan ME Marietta, GA
Preston Dial ME Pasadena, CA
Thomas Terfie ME Tucker, GA
Tyson Spears ME Roswell, GA