The 75th Rangers have sponsored T-Titans. The 75th Rangers Regiment are looking to improve the video, controls, and audio signal range of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). The UGV is adept at safely informing the rangers of dangerous persons and their equipment in subterranean environments. Communicating information is a crucial part of conflict. Increasing the UGV's signal range, improves the rangers situational awareness. The rangers are hoping to improve the UGV's signal range from 30 meters to 150 meters in subterranean environments. T-Titans have researched how the required radio frequencies act in subterranean environments, and detailed the UGV's mission requirements. After significant ideation, T-Titans found a solution. They are extending the signal range with repeaters deployed and stored on the UGV's under carriage.
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor 75th Rangers Regiment (National Security Innovation Network)
Advisor Dr. Amit S. Jariwala
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Carmen Dyck CmpE Marietta, GA
Emily Toomer ME Suwanee, GA
Isaac Davis ME Canon
Nuri Sinha ME Alpharetta
Omari Hodge CmpE Braselton Gerogia
Timothy Foster ME Manchester, NH