Project Halo is sponsored by the Army Rangers to mitigate the cognitive deficits and physiological symptoms experienced by mortarmen due to occupational blast exposure. The team conducted an experiment at Fort Benning to measure blast overpressure (BOP) exposure of mortarmen, when firing mortars, and found that mortarmen were repeatedly exposed to pressures greater than the US Army safety threshold. Consequently, the team developed a blast attenuator prototype to reduce BOP exposure with the goal to ultimately reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life of mortarmen.
Department Biomedical Engineering
Sponsor Dr. Charlie Hutchinson; Captain Remington Myhre
Advisor Professor James Rains
Primary Email Contact
Table # 01-B


Name Major Hometown
Brady Bove BME Franklin, TN
Grace Trimpe BME Bishop
Jessica Nicholson BME Woodstock, GA
Jordyn Sak BME Atlanta
Julia Woodall BME South Lebanon, OH