Spring 2016 Projects

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Team Name Project Name Project Discipline Sponsor Table
15.Redwood Freight Management Solutions Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Redwood Supply Chain Solutions G26
1 MeV or Bust Liquid Salt Cooled Reactor in the Fast Spectrum with Chloride Salt Nuclear and Radiological Engineering (NRE) NA R08
Aerospace Alloys Characterizations of several aerospace alloys Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Technetics Y33
A FOot forward Design of a waterproof, adjustable, and cost-effective ankle/foot orthotic Biomedical Engineering (BME) Children's Healthcare of Atlanta R15
AgCompanion Design a training seat for a compact utility tractor Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering (ID/ME) AgCo R16
Albies ALBATROSS Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Aerospace Corporation W15
All-in-Vein Pediatric IV Infiltration Detection Device Biomedical Engineering (BME) Children's Healthcare of Atlanta B30
Alpha Squad ScrubBank Detection System Mechanical Engineering (ME) IPA B18
Altera Karaoke Karaoke Machine with Autotune using DE1 SoC board Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Altera B07
Anonymously Engineering Georgia-Pacific Box Laminator Optimization Mechanical Engineering (ME) Georgia-Pacific Y49
A-Pillar Invisible A-pillar Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering (ID/ME) Wayne Li (GM) R17
Aqua Comms Underwater Communications Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) NA R35
Aquila Design Bureau Design of a Light Sport Aerobatic Aircraft Aerospace Engineering (AE) NA B22
Autonomous Quadcopter Autonomous Quadcopter Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) NA W17
AutoSol Cable Tunnel Inspection Robot Mechanical Engineering (ME) NEETRAC R45