Spring 2017 Projects

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Team Name Project Name Project Discipline Sponsor Table
Make Georgia Tech Great Again Yuge Pole Mechanical Engineering (ME) The Home Depot None
Mallet Hydro-Turbine Brake Mechanical Engineering (ME) Emergy inc. None
Martin, Saab, Patel Bros. & Associates Squat Guidance System Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A None
McLane Warehouse Operations McLane Warehouse Operations Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) McLane None
MedCap MedCap Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A None
MEGaTech Silt Fencing Assembly Line Mechanical Engineering (ME) DDD Erosion None
Memory Old Atlanta Prison Farm Architecture (ARCH) N/A None
Mercedes-Benz Drone Delivery A Drone Ordering Solution for Part Deliveries Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Mercedes-Benz USA (our client) None
MERLIN Reconnaissance UAV Aerospace Engineering (AE) Boeing None
Millennials STEPS Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department of Energy None
MOB Studio Mobile Federal Courthouse Architecture (ARCH) n/a None
Monday Night Variety Hour The Can Commingler Mechanical Engineering (ME) Monday Night Brewing None
Mosbius Designs Federal Courthouse Architecture (ARCH) N/A None
MUR-maid MUR-maid Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A None
MWA (Materials With Attitude) Moisture Barrier Technology for Wood and Wood Finishings Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Gulfstream Aerospace None