Spring 2018 Projects

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Team Name Project Name Project Discipline Sponsor Table
LifeBoat Autonomous Boat Vaccine Delivery Mechanical Engineering (ME) Not Impossible Labs R24
Make-r-Brake Global Solutions Architecture (ARCH) N/A B30
MAKT Engineering Tech Square Phase III Development Study Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) Georgia Tech Capital Planning and Space Management B1
Masters of Design Drying in PTFE Films Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Saint-Gobain Y33
Masters of Light Stage of the Art Architecture (ARCH) N/A R33
Maybe It's Materials Science 3D Printing Functionality on Polymer Films Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Megan Robison and Jayme Walton | Printpack R18
ME Battleground Design of a 2 way flow meter for fluids Mechanical Engineering (ME) Tracklink R3
ME Warriors Flexible Heat Engine Mechanical Engineering (ME) N/A B31
Mischief Manage Electronics Encapsulation for Smart Gloves Mechanical Engineering (ME) Dow DuPont Y41
MowMow Inc. Stanley Black & Decker Autonomous Lawnmower Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Stanley Black & Decker B18
NAHOM Non-Contact Analysis of Health-Informatics via Observable Metrics Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A W39
NeoTouch Team NeoTouch Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Texas Instruments Y56
Nerve GuilloTEAM Design of Surgical Device to Treat Morton's Neuroma Biomedical Engineering (BME) Dr. Dean Kostakos B36
Newtonian Maurice Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A R43
NICUties FixedFeed: Neonatal Nasogastric Tube Holder Biomedical Engineering (BME) N/A Y1