Spring 2018 Projects

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Team Name Project Name Project Discipline Sponsor Table
Intellisense Intellisense Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Harris Corporation None
Interactive Opera Interactive Opera Costume and Set Design Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering (ID/ME) Arts @ Tech & Capitol City Opera None
IRS Affordable Housing Architecture (ARCH) N/A None
ISYE Senior Design Team 14 Coca Cola Manufacturing Flow Design Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Coca-Cola None
ISyE Senior Design Team 15 Redesigning the Supply Chain Network Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) WestRock None
ISyE Senior Design Team 19 FedEx Linehaul Engineering Optimal Fleet Mix Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) FedEx None
Jellow Yackets Swingless Golf Club Mechanical Engineering (ME) Steve Dickerson None
Jigging for Gold Design of polymer separation and recycling process Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (CHBE) CSP Technologies None
K2 C04 - Design of a Universal Relative Weighing System (Yyogy) Mechanical Engineering (ME) TrackLink None
Kahua Project Analytics Project Analytics Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Kahua None
Keeping it 850 Equifax Credit Assessment Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Equifax None
Kit Cath Adaptive Catheter Biomedical Engineering (BME) Emory University Hospital Midtown None
Lapdogs Laptop Theft Deterrent Mechanical Engineering (ME) Niloy Roy None
Latus Engineering Mini-roundabout at Windsor Parkway and Osborne Road Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) Michael Baker International None
LDM Mako Close Air Support Aircraft Design Aerospace Engineering (AE) N/A None