Spring 2017 Projects

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Team Name Project Name Project Discipline Sponsor Table
These Go To Eleven Design to Move 2,500 lbs of Salt Mechanical Engineering (ME) HD Supply None
The Sixth Sense Sustainability Enhancements for Commercial Steamers Mechanical Engineering (ME) Unified Brands None
The Wreckening Design and Development of a Friction Test Bench Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Technetics Group Columbia None
The X-Fives X-Ray Machine Positioning Robotic Arm Interdisciplinary (INTER) Micro-C Imaging None
The Yee Guarantee Making the Wall Bleed Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department of Energy; Dr. Shannon Yee None
Tile Bluetooth Tracking Prototype Long-Range Bluetooth Sniffer Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Tile Inc. None
Toolbox Space Debris Satellite Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) AFRL None
Total Flex Hip Circumduction CPM Machine Biomedical Engineering (BME) Dr. Cliff Willimon None
TOVA Adaptive Algorithmic Music Generation Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A None
Truss Me Future of Retail Architecture (ARCH) NCR None
Tympanofix Design of a self-retaining and size-adjustable surgical ear speculum Biomedical Engineering (BME) N/A None
UltraGuard Emergency Department Ultrasounds Biomedical Engineering (BME) Grady Memorial Hospital None
UPS Crowd Source UPS Crowd Source Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) UPS None
UPS Smalls Workforce planning improvement Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) UPS None
UpStage Design of heads-up display for driving enthusiasts Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering (ID/ME) General Motors None