Spring 2017 Projects

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Team Name Project Name Project Discipline Sponsor Table
SDC Design Collective Eco-Learning Centr Architecture (ARCH) Perkins + Will None
SeeSpine Surgical Visualization Solution for Cervical Spine Biomedical Engineering (BME) N/A None
Seniorflytus BEST UAV Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A None
#SeniorSquad Holiday Hi|Lights Mechanical Engineering (ME) The Home Depot None
SEVEN Engineering Town Center OCC Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) Kimley-Horn None
Shake It Packaging Durability Testing Machine Mechanical Engineering (ME) McKinsey & Company None
Sidewalk Scholars Safe Routes To School program analysis Public Policy (PUBP) N/A None
SkelExtract Bone biopsy tool Biomedical Engineering (BME) Quantum Radiology None
Smart Car Seat Team Interactive child car seat with cooling system Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A None
Sohan & The Vigilantes Separation of Rubber Tracks for Recycling Mechanical Engineering (ME) Rubber Tracks USA None
S+S Design of a courthouse Architecture (ARCH) N/A None
Stairway to Heaven Improvement of cement staircase construction process for developing nations Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) N/A None
Stay Gold Industrial Toaster Redesign Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering (ID/ME) APW Wyott None
Students on the Move Effect of Student Mobility on Academic Achievement, Discipline, and Attendance in CSD Public Policy (PUBP) City Schools of Decatur None
SuperCooled Six Coca-Cola Nucleator Device Mechanical Engineering (ME) Coca-Cola None