Fall 2018 Projects

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Team Name Project Name Project Discipline Sponsor Table
The PowerCuff Girls Design of a deployment device for biologic patches used in rotator cuff surgeries Biomedical Engineering (BME) Johnson & Johnson Y20
The Reel Engineers Reel Repeatability Mechanical Engineering (ME) Textron R4
The Squirrel Works Design of Uninhabited Long-Range Strike (ULRS) Aerospace Engineering (AE) N/A R46
The Turbinators Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Hole Resizing Project Mechanical Engineering (ME) Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems B2
Together We (Swimming) Swarm Compact Buoyancy Engine Mechanical Engineering (ME) GTRI - Dr. Mick West R26
Trash Talk Mercedes-Benz Stadium Zero Waste Initiative Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Mercedes-Benz Stadium B39
Trust Your Gut Fecal Microbiota Transplant Enrichment Biomedical Engineering (BME) Dr. Colleen Kraft and Dr. Robert Taylor R45
T-Square on GT-WiFi Swimming Swarm Mechanical Engineering (ME) Dr. Michael West G25
Un-Ortho-Docs Controlled Heating of Orthopedic Implants Interdisciplinary (INTER) Clinical Entrepreneurs G18
VAPOR Team VAPOR (Venusian Atmospheric Probe and Orbital Relay) Aerospace Engineering (AE) N/A B14
Victory Lap E1-Rapid-Cooling Tea Device for the Kung Fu Tea Truck Mechanical Engineering (ME) Kung Fu Tea Truck R31
Vidality Emory Multi Use Trail Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) Emory Y18
VoiceWatch IoT Vocal Monitoring Neck Wearable Device with a Mobile Application Interdisciplinary (INTER) Emory Hospital G34
VW Lighters Circadian Lighting System Interdisciplinary (INTER) Volts and Watts, LLC G31
Wave Motion Remote Motion-Based Remote Control Interdisciplinary (INTER) N/A B15