Spring 2020 Projects

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Team Name Project Name Project Discipline Sponsor Table
Untapped Potential Product Mix Selection Strategy Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Inspire Brands None
Vertical Hydroponics Hydroponics with Robotic Harvesting Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A. None
Vested Baby and Me Life Vest Mechanical Engineering (ME) Dr. Ebony Hilton None
VIP Lightning from the Edge of Space Balloon Communication System Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A None
VIP Solar Racing Battery Management System Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A None
Vitopsis Machine Learning-Enabled Online Forum for Breast Cancer Detection Biomedical Engineering (BME) Dr. Steven Roser None
WalkNRoll Design of Geriatric Walker Biomedical Engineering (BME) N/A None
Watermelon Haptic Feedback Glove for Virtual Reality Mechanical Engineering (ME) Dr. Alexis Noel (GTRI) None
WavecheQ WavecheQ Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A None
Wearable Seizure Detection Glove Team Wearable Seizure Detection Glove Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) N/A None
Website Wizards Do Career Websites Work? Public Policy (PUBP) N/A None
We Got Your Back Spinally Mechanical Engineering (ME) Luke Keller None
Weight...There's More In-Home Weighing Solution for Wheelchair Users Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering (ID/ME) N/A None
We Just Met Yesterday Seeing Like a Bike Mechanical Engineering (ME) Dr. Christopher Le Dantec None
Wheezy2Breezy Smart Asthma Spacer Biomedical Engineering (BME) Dr. Gerald Lee None