Spring 2020 Projects

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Team Name Project Name Project Discipline Sponsor Table
SteakMates SteakMate Interdisciplinary (INTER) N/A None
SteriPack Packaging for Sterility in the OR Biomedical Engineering (BME) Kapstone Medical None
Stray Spotter Technologies Lone Cow Identification Drone Interdisciplinary (INTER) N/A None
Streamline Design Engineering Grove Park Valley Branch Flood Relief and Stream Rehabilitation Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) Sherwood Design Engineers None
Support Systems Lift Assist Mechanical Engineering (ME) N/A None
SyntegOnTime Job shop Scheduling and Layout Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) N/A None
TapioBox Boba Tea Making Machine Mechanical Engineering (ME) N/A None
Team 12 Master Gate Interdisciplinary (INTER) N/A None
Team 22 Improving first pass yield Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) American Woodmark None
Team 25 - GT Dining Campus Center Renovation Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) N/A None
Team 4B C13-Design of process to manufacture training samples for ceramic tile grinders Mechanical Engineering (ME) Siemens Energy, Inc. None
Team HexaMech RFID Mat for Inventory Tracking Mechanical Engineering (ME) AGCO None
Team Marko Polio Aiding the Global Polio Eradication Initiative through accurate vaccine data. Biomedical Engineering (BME) CDC None
Team MyrR Smart Mirror Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) N/A None
Team Optimal Route Pegasus LM Delivery Mechanical Engineering (ME) N/A None