The goal of this project is to design an improved wheelchair dance ramp for the Kinetic Light dance troupe. The team is tasked to redesign the dance ramp to meet the client’s needs including reducing construction/transportation costs, decreasing the overall weight, and reducing the overall assembly and disassembly time. Success in this project entails benefits for the dance troupe, artistic venues and potential presenters as a newly designed ramp with better aesthetics, reduced weight, and a shorter requirement for assembly/disassembly time would have a significant impact for the dance troupe's venue flexibility, cost savings, and artistic experience.
Major Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering (ID/ME)
Sponsor Kinetic Light Dance Group
Advisor Dr. Stephen H. Sprigle
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Julia Vorpahl Mechanical Engineering (ME) Ellijay, GA
Enrique Garcia Mechanical Engineering (ME) Caracas, Venezuela
Melissa Shi Mechanical Engineering (ME) Nanjing, China
Jeffrey Ding Mechanical Engineering (ME) Dallas, TX