The overall goal of the Lockblox project is to create low-cost, locally producible, easy-to-assemble, and structurally robust building materials for developing nations. To achieve this task, our team has designed and prototyped a mobile machine that will convert rapidly renewable agricultural waste (i.e. straw, corn husks, etc.) into a patented system of mortarless interlocking construction elements that directly compete with traditional cement building blocks.
Major Interdisciplinary (INTER)
Sponsor Lockblox
Advisor Dr. Peter Hesketh
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Ben Ibach Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Jacksonville, FL
Ben Rothschild Mechanical Engineering (ME) Atlanta, GA
Will Byars Mechanical Engineering (ME) Columbus, Ohio
Mick Baker Mechanical Engineering (ME) Sandy Springs, GA
Jake Salesky Mechanical Engineering (ME) New City