The steel industry currently bundles steel products for shipping with razor sharp steel strapping that can cause lacerations to workers’ arms, hands, and faces. Using polyester woven strapping is a safer and stronger solution, but it is difficult to correctly tension loads that have a round or irregular shape because polyester strap tensioners are designed to work on flat surfaces. The goal of this project is to design a polyester strap tensioner that will work on round or irregularly shaped loads while remaining easy and efficient for workers to operate.
Major Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Sponsor Skyline Steel
Advisor Dr. Kenneth Cunefare
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Brandon Will Mechanical Engineering (ME) Circle Pines, MN
Michael Bailey Mechanical Engineering (ME) Canton, GA
Austin Forgey Mechanical Engineering (ME) McDonough, Georgia
Hannah Larson Mechanical Engineering (ME) Roswell, GA
Lauren Perrine Mechanical Engineering (ME) Potomac, MD