The Strolling Stones is comprised of five motivated Georgia Tech students ready to invigorate the double stroller market, which currently lacks an easy to maneuver in-line tandem option and a single product with the versatility of two single strollers and one double stroller. Our project solves maneuverability issues, the most common complaint amongst in-line double stroller users, as well as creates modular single strollers that can be combined as an in-line double in an easy to use and safe manner. Maneuverability was solved by locking the center set of double stroller wheels, making the center the pivot point, and allowing the front and back sets of wheels to swivel. This creates a smaller turn radius and increases the user’s leverage during turning. In addition, a connection and locking mechanism were designed to easily and safely connect the two single strollers, creating a rigid form in compliance with the curb test. Lastly, the current bar brake system was modified to accommodate the stroller connections.
Major Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Sponsor Bounce Ideas, Inc.
Advisor Dr. Todd Sulchek
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Chris Krug Mechanical Engineering (ME) Augusta, GA
Tyler Christian Mechanical Engineering (ME) Kingsport, TN
Ian Woolsey Mechanical Engineering (ME) Rougemont, NC
Nick Evans Mechanical Engineering (ME) San Diego, CA
Emily Reinhard Mechanical Engineering (ME) Woodstock, GA