Bechtel wishes to optimize the pipe installation process on oil refineries and construction sites. Currently, pipes are pulled in through the building frame from the end of the structure. The main goal of this project is to design a device where the efficiency of cranes and aerial transportation can be utilized to install a pipe at any point within the assembly process while vertical construction continues. This is done by bringing the pipes through the bays at an angle greater than 60°, and then positioned horizontally upon reaching the level onto which installation will occur.
Major Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Sponsor Bechtel
Advisor Dr. Wingate
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Rachel Witt Mechanical Engineering (ME) Atlanta, GA
Kali Nicholas Mechanical Engineering (ME) Renton, WA
John Preihs Mechanical Engineering (ME) Islamorada, FL
David Cyron Mechanical Engineering (ME) Lincoln University, PA
Breanna Cota Mechanical Engineering (ME) Richmond Hill, GA
Matteo Valles Mechanical Engineering (ME) Atlanta,GA