Ankle injuries are the most common ailments in sports and among athletes with over 80% being caused by over extension of the subtalar joint. The project’s aim is to develop an exoskeleton ankle brace that immobilizes this area of interest, while still allowing for freedom of joint motion along the other axis. Injury prevention and support for injury recovery is accomplished by not allowing the ankle to rotate beyond its natural range through a series of cascading soft stops coupled with a hard stop at the end of this range.
Major Interdisciplinary (INTER)
Sponsor Dr. Ian Wong, Emory
Advisor Dr. Gregory Sawicki
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Name Major Hometown
Julia DiCamillo Mechanical Engineering (ME) Parkland, FL
Brandon Nguyen Biomedical Engineering (BME) Atlanta, GA
Braxton Strokes Mechanical Engineering (ME) Calera, AL
Gracie Rocco Mechanical Engineering (ME) Boston, MA
Thomas Gruber Mechanical Engineering (ME) Newnan, GA
Samuel Keller Biomedical Engineering (BME) Atlanta