This sponsor is having a problem where they are unhappy with their current ability to track and validate inventory within their warehouses. The client is looking for a single-use product that allows them to validate the location of all parts on their site “Item Level Tagging”. Their current solution to part tracking involves manual counts performed at regular intervals, however these are expensive and often inaccurate. The solution to this problem should eliminate this process by automatically counting and localizing all relevant parts, removing human factors including miscounts and misplaced parts.
Major Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
Sponsor AGCO
Advisor Dr. Fariborz Farahmand
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Omar Wali Electrical Engineering (EE) Queens, NYC
Nhan Chi Electrical Engineering (EE) Atlanta, GA
Michael Walelign Electrical Engineering (EE) Atlanta, GA
Rohit Reddy Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) St. Louis, MO
Sanjida Islam Electrical Engineering (EE) Atlanta, GA
Walker Byrnes Mechanical Engineering (ME) St. Petersburg, FL
Muhammad Safwan Computer Engineering (CMPE) Lawrenceville GA