The current package delivery system makes it difficult for the package delivery driver to find the correct packages to deliver to each stop, which have incurred a large amount of cost, specifically in labor cost, exemplified as extra time spent per stop. To solve this problem, our team is proposing a manned level 4 autonomous system for 5-7 years in the future that will allow delivery companies to expedite and streamline the delivery process by decreasing stop time and redefine the new job responsibilities of a delivery driver as they transition to the new role of package carrier.
Major Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering (ID/ME)
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Dr. Wayne Li
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Name Major Hometown
Seunghyun Choe Mechanical Engineering (ME) Seoul, South Korea
Kai Zhang Industrial Design (ID) Qingdao, China
David Xu Mechanical Engineering (ME) Johns Creek
Francis Lin Industrial Design (ID) Shenzhen
Uyen My Tran Industrial Design (ID) Lilburn, GA