Our project is a device that can affix to the rear end of a tractor trailer that can improve the aerodynamics such that drag decreases and fuel efficiency increases. We feel that we can have superior performance to the competition, yet bolster a much lower cost, making the ROI about 3 months as opposed to over a year. This would make much more sense to smaller companies and of course larger ones as well.
Major Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Dr. Craig Forest
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Himanshu Dedge Mechanical Engineering (ME) Shrewsbury, MA
Gabriel Arkanum Mechanical Engineering (ME) Cumming, GA
Saad Lalani Mechanical Engineering (ME) Kennesaw, GA
Jayce Delker Mechanical Engineering (ME) Monroe, GA
Tyler Boone Mechanical Engineering (ME) Canton