The purpose of the automated vermicomposting device is to serve as an indoor, user-friendly composting device that uses worms to produce nutrient rich compost. Currently, vermicomposting (composting with worms) takes a lot of time and effort to do correctly, and our product aims to remove a lot of the manual effort involved. The product is about the size of a large trash can and the user would put their organic waste into the top end of the device, while harvesting the finish compost from a drawer located on the side of the device.
Major Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Dr. Aaron Young
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Name Major Hometown
Jordan Bogdan Mechanical Engineering (ME) Snellville, GA
Aditi Kumar Mechanical Engineering (ME) New Delhi, India
Anuja Anil Kandare Mechanical Engineering (ME) Bangalore, India
Yi Ting Sam Mechanical Engineering (ME) Malaysia
Kyle Varnedoe Mechanical Engineering (ME) Marietta, GA
Justin Cole Mechanical Engineering (ME) Marietta, GA