This team is partnered with the Interventional Radiology Department at Emory University Hospital Midtown to create a novel base catheter that can change tip shape properties to adapt to physical changes in vasculature in real-time. Current methods require 3-10 catheter exchanges for various tip shapes in order to complete a single procedure. Alternatively, an interventional radiologist will be able adjust the tip shape of this team's novel catheter to seamlessly navigate through a patient's vasculature during a procedure, thus reducing catheter exchanges, wasted product, procedure lengths, and costs.
Major Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Sponsor Emory University Hospital Midtown
Advisor James Rains
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Kathleen Jordan Biomedical Engineering (BME) Newport News, VA
Lemou Tieyam Biomedical Engineering (BME) Yaoundé, Cameroon
Diana Yunda Biomedical Engineering (BME) Cali, Colombia
Alexa Schlein Biomedical Engineering (BME) Pittsburgh, PA