Each year 500,000 newborns are admitted to the NICU in the US, with the majority requiring a feeding tube. Unplanned extubation, which occurs when a child pulls out their tubing, is the 4th major cause of adverse events in the NICU. FixedFeed secures and places the nasogastric tubing out of reach to prevent unplanned extubation, increase neonatal outcomes, and decrease stress of NICU nurses.
Major Biomedical Engineering (BME)
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Advisor James Rains
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Name Major Hometown
Erika Plogstedt Biomedical Engineering (BME) Orlando, FL
Kylee McLain Biomedical Engineering (BME) River Falls, WI
Cecille Canary Biomedical Engineering (BME) Versailles, KY
Cristina Quintero Biomedical Engineering (BME) Richmond, TX