Georgia is home to thousands of dams and culverts. These structures present a growing concern about the disruption to waterways. These structures lead to water contamination, damage aquatic wildlife, and suppress the growth of various species and can threaten community safety when they fail. This study has conducted research concerning dam and culvert removal and have produced a six-state comparison, dam removal case study, and regulation database. This study has identified the best practices, permitting processes, and regulations surrounding dam and culvert removal in the state of Georgia through these deliverables. The results of the study will ultimately provide The Nature Conservancy with the best practices and regulatory understanding needed to begin working toward dam removal and culvert restoration, with the goal of improving aquatic connectivity in Georgia.
Major Public Policy (PUBP)
Sponsor The Nature Conservancy
Advisor Dr. Isett & Dr. Hicks
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Charles Lucas Public Policy (PUBP) Atlanta, GA
Victoria Inman Public Policy (PUBP) Sugar Hill, GA
Victoria Doris Public Policy (PUBP) Newnan
Sarah Saltiel Public Policy (PUBP) Lawrenceville, GA