How can I be a judge?
Judges are either faculty, alumni and/or industry professionals and can be from any discipline or area of expertise.
How do I judge?
First, please sign up to be a judge. Check-in at the Expo and you will receive a unique link in your e-mail for the teams that you have to judge. From there, you will be able to score each team based on different criteria.
How do I sign up?
If you wish to judge, please obtain a free judging ticket from here.
Do I need to select which teams I judge?
No. On the day of the expo, you will receive a unique link in your email which will show which teams to judge and their table numbers.
What criteria are used to judge the teams?
Each team will be judged on a 1 to 5 scale, 5 being the best, in the following categories:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Utility
  • Quality of analysis
  • Proof of function
  • Good communication
What is the dress code?
Anything comfortable for you is fine. However, business casual will be most common at the expo.
Where is the nearest parking?
The nearest parking will be at the 4th and Fowler Street parking garage (this is a paid parking garage, marked as E52 on the map). Other nearby parking options are the McCamish Pavilion parking itself (marked as E65 on the map), or the W21 parking lot (marked as W21 on the map). To view all listed parking areas, click on this map.
What is the dress code?
Wear whatever you need to be successful. Most teams will be in business attires, but few also wear custom/themed attires including custom t-shirts. Your team will be judged by industry experts, alumni, faculty and sponsors.
Dress to impress!
By when should our team be ready to present?
4:30pm sharp!
Do we get free food?
Yes. Students will be given food vouchers at the time of check in and will begin being able to receive food from the concession stands at the McCamish Pavilion starting at 3pm.
Is the event open for public?
Absolutely! It will be free and open from 4:30pm to 7:00pm for anyone and everyone! Feel free to bring your colleagues, friends and family to witness what GT graduating seniors are doing to change the world.
Where is the nearest parking?
There are several visitor parking areas around the Pavilion. The closest visitor parking is at the 4th and Fowler Street parking garage. This is a paid parking garage. Marked E52 center right location.
Do I have to stay for the entire event?
No. However, we are sure you will leave wishing the event was open for longer.
Do I have to RSVP?
Yes, please register for free here.