The aim of this project is to develop an automated screening device to regulate entrance to buildings and event spaces that will reduce the risk of disease transmission during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The technical problems that are addressed in the design of a solution are the automation of a device to minimize the impact on traffic flow into a building or event while providing accurate screening, as well as the integration of the device with the pre-existing entry systems for buildings. The overall objectives for the final product are for the device to be automated, integrated, easy to use, while being cost effective and having minimum impact on the traffic flow into buildings and events.  
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Kenneth Cunefare
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Name Major Hometown
Austin Crawford CmpE Grayson, GA
Daniel Kotten ME Lakeville
Itzel Trejo ME Torreon
Nia Rich EE Alpharetta, GA
Zachary Cline ME Atlanta