Aluminum alloys are widely used in engineering applications and structures due to their light weight and corrosion resistant nature. 5xxx series aluminum alloys are extensively used in marine manufacturing because of their desirable strength, weldability and corrosion resistance. This corrosion resistance, however, is highly dependent on the composition and microstructure of the alloy. The marine environment creates extreme conditions for a material to survive, as seawater corrodes metal much faster than fresh water due to the increased presence of dissolved ions. Corrosion of these alloys can be prevented through thermomechanical processes such as tempering, which can promote a more stable microstructure. The purpose of this project is, therefore, to develop a new temper to prevent corrosion in 5xxx series aluminum alloys.
Department Material Sciences & Engineering
Sponsor Universal Alloy Corporation
Advisor Alex Malliett
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Name Major Hometown
Landen St. Pierre MSE Woodstock, GA
Michael O'Neill MSE Ambler, PA
Mitchell Ketcham MSE Woodstock, GA
Patrick Muller MSE Queens, NY
Zachary Adams MSE Groton, MA