The American Eagle Foundation is a non-profit working toward conservation of bald eagles and other birds of prey. One of their main goals is to rehabilitate and release these birds, but they also desire to ensure their wellbeing post release. One of the ways they achieve this is through tracking the migration patterns of released birds. Current tracking methods are expensive and typically stay on the bird for the remainder of their life. AEF is looking for a low cost, lightweight tracker to record bald eagle migration for one year post rehabilitation. Providing such a tracker would allow AEF to expand the number of birds they are able to rehabilitate and release each year.
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor American Eagle Foundation
Advisor Dr. Sawicki
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Anna Danek ME Blairsville, GA
Elias Irick ME Honolulu
Jeremy Ryan Palad CmpE New Milford, New Jersey
Julia Glaze ME Lawrenceville
Nastassia Nguyen CmpE Lawrenceville
Taylor Roos ME Columbus, Ga