Urinary incontinence is a significant problem as 1 in 4 women in the US will experience urge or mixed incontinence in their lifetime. Current methods for collecting urine output for women have various problems: Foley catheters present a significant infection rate, diapers allow for inaccurate urine output measurements with an increased risk of skin injury, and female external catheters limit user mobility. Our goal is to provide a solution for all incontinent women through a device that allows them to manage incontinence on the go. Duo Go collects and suctions away urine through a pump triggered by a moisture sensor. The reusable and flexible urine collection wand maintains user comfortability as it is secured to the user’s undergarment through magnetic clips which keep it from slipping. Incidents can be taken care of discreetly while urine gets stored for disposal at the user’s convenience through the attached drainage bag of their choice. The user is able to stay dry and mobile throughout the whole day with its long lasting battery life. Users are also able to track and measure their amount of urine voided throughout the day. Duo Go would be the only mobile external catheter available for women, restoring their quality of life during use and giving them more freedom in choosing a solution for urinary incontinence.
Department Biomedical Engineering
Sponsor Hudson Chancy
Advisor Dr. James Rains
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Name Major Hometown
Clarisse Gieowarsingh BME Atlanta
Daniel Gordon BME Woodstock, GA
Emma Heller BME Milton, MA
Hanna Sepsick BME Suwanee
Maggie Sinclair BME Marietta, GA